Get exceptional lender
access across the UAE

We provide mortgage solutions based on your financial goals, objectives, and circumstances. Together with a team of experts who bring along a wealth of knowledge and unwavering passion, we organize mortgage and loan options customised to individual preferences. With a robust network and an integrated approach, we offer unparalleled lender access, courtesy of our long-standing association with the UAE’s revered banks, coupled with Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) alternatives.

Insightful mortgage plans executed to precision

The mortgage industry can be overwhelming, especially for a first-time borrower. This is precisely why we diligently do the weight-lifting on your behalf, so you can focus on what is most crucial to you. Your dedicated relationship manager will help you decode terminology, comprehend regulations, understand finer nuances, and help you make a sound financial decision, all this while ensuring you never lose sight of your objectives.

The Exclusive Amplus Experience

Financial Empowerment

Financial objectives vary. From security, expansion to lifestyle improvement. No matter your goal, we will empower it.

Mortgage Rates

We work on your behalf. Which predominantly translates to – we help you secure the best possible rates.

Resource Allocation

Our advisors educate you drawing from years of experience while keeping you in the know throughout the process.

Digital Access

You can access our secure and confidential digital platform designed to provide convenience and quick access.

The Amplus Advantage


Access to a lender base that’s
varied and unconventional


Unparalleled expertise within
the UAE mortgage market


Trustworthy and experienced
multilingual advisors


End-to-end support with
personalised attention


Each deal is strictly confidential
and remains private


Adept at handling
complex transactions

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